Same-Day Emergency Dental Care for Kids in Austin, TX

Premium Dental Care for Special Kids

Whether your child is experiencing a terrible toothache or they’ve damaged one or more of their teeth, our Austin pediatric dental team is here to assist. We offer quick and effective emergency dental care for kids, and we can restore your child’s oral health and have them smiling big again in no time! To learn more or schedule an emergency appointment with our team, please give us a call at 512-813-9905.

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What are common dental emergencies for kids?

Common dental emergencies for kids include toothaches, chipped or broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, and soft tissue injuries like cuts to the gums, tongue, or cheeks. Toothaches can be caused by cavities or infections, while chipped or broken teeth often result from falls or sports injuries. Knocked-out teeth are serious and require immediate attention. Soft tissue injuries may bleed and cause discomfort, requiring prompt care to prevent infection. It’s essential to address these emergencies quickly to alleviate pain and prevent further damage or complications.

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Is a knocked-out baby tooth considered a dental emergency?

A knocked-out baby tooth is not usually considered a dental emergency, but it still requires prompt attention. Unlike permanent teeth, baby teeth are not typically re-implanted. However, it’s important to visit your local pediatric dentist to ensure there are no underlying issues or damage to the developing permanent tooth. Our team can also provide guidance on how to care for your child’s mouth to avoid infection or other complications. Dislodged adult teeth are considered dental emergencies and should be taken care of as quickly as possible.

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Should I take my child to the ER or an emergency dentist?

For most dental emergencies, it’s best to take your child to an emergency pediatric dentist rather than the ER. Emergency dentists are specialized in handling dental issues and can provide the appropriate treatment. However, if your child has severe bleeding, a broken jaw, or other significant trauma, the ER may be necessary to address immediate medical concerns before dental care. If you’re unsure, contact our office for advice on the best course of action, and we will be happy to offer personalized advice for your unique situation.

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