Pediatric Laser Dentistry in Austin, TX

Drills and local anesthesia tend to make children anxious, impacting their dental experience. At Sherwood Pediatric Dentistry, we approach pediatric dentistry with a gentle, modern touch. Instead of loud noise and vibrations, children can experience virtually no pain, vibration, or noise by opting for laser dentistry utilizing our Solea soft tissue laser. Solea delivers a dental experience that influences positive oral health outcomes. If you have a question about pediatric laser dentistry in Austin, TX, give us a call. We will be happy to share the advantages of laser dentistry!

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What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry utilizes a dental laser to take the place of a traditional dental tool. Our office is proud to offer the Solea laser, a powerful dental laser that offers a nearly painless experience with minimal vibration and noise. The Solea soft tissue is the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue procedures. The system uses a unique wavelength-guided technology to produce precise results and enable procedures for teeth and gums to be completed in a single appointment.

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Can Solea be used on children?

Solea can be used on children for various pediatric dental procedures. At Sherwood Pediatric Dentistry, we utilize Solea to provide pain-free pediatric fillings or perform more advanced procedures like frenectomies or gum treatments. Due to its minimally invasive nature and reduced need for anesthesia, treatments can be done quickly and comfortably!

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Solea Laser Dentistry Treatments in Austin, TX

Due to the gentle nature of Solea laser pediatric dentistry, patients tend to have a more positive dental experience. This is largely in part because laser dentistry provides a needle-free experience as well as a more streamlined experience. The versatility of Solea laser technology allows Dr. Sherwood and our team to address multiple pediatric dentistry concerns. With Solea, our patients are able to get right back to school or activities.

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