If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!


"Today I took my 21 month old son in for his first dentist appointment and I was very pleased with the experience! At home Jake is not very cooperative when I brush his teeth. I was so impressed w/ Marcella's ability to get Jake to cooperate during the teeth cleaning. The Dr. and the staff are top notch and I will definitely refer my friends and family to Sherwood Pediatric Dentistry. Thank you all so much." ~ ZB


"I would like to thank your entire staff for their service over the years and especially for the excellent care given to my child with Autism. I could have picked any doctor, but I chose Dr. Sherwood. While I have over 7 other pediatricians, I have only had one dentist (after a visit with another who will go unnamed). The pediatrician I have now is a lot like Dr. Sherwood. He listens to me, we decide what is best for my children as a team, and he doesn't treat me like I'm an idiot. Respecting my child with Autism's needs and addressing those needs especially for those whom so many refuse to see or claim cannot be helped." ~ TS


"I wanted to write and thank you for all the great care you gave my daughter while fixing her tooth! You did an amazing job! I know you were so busy, yet we felt like we were your first concern and felt completely taken care of! I was humbled by the fact that in a little over 12 hours, my daughter's tooth could be as good as new. So, we wanted to tell you thanks and we really appreciate all your work and care for us!" ~ L.


"Many thanks to you and your staff for making our dental emergency more of a family adventure! Not only did you sooth a very scared and sad little boy, but you helped ease my anxiety so quickly. And I think the baby had an absolute ball! I am so very grateful and we are back in the saddle once more! Looking forward to our next visit!" ~ MB


"My children LOVE going to Dr. Sherwood's office. They actually count down the days until their appointment and when their visit is over, they don't want to leave. Even if they're there for a filling! If my pediatrician could do this it would be an amazing thing. I am so happy that going to the dentist is such a positive experience for my three. Thank you!" ~ SP


"When your children frequently ask if it's time to go back to the dentist yet and grumble if the next visit is several months away, you know something is up! From the friendly professional staff, everything adds up to a very positive experience for all involved. It makes me want to do over my childhood dental experience!" ~ PM


"My kids loved going to this office and are all three ready to go back (ages, 6, 4, and 2). They had never been to the dentist before and I was nervous about how they were going to react- they LOVED it. Video games in the waiting room and TVs on the ceiling above the exam chairs with a wide variety of kids movies for them to pick from! My 4 year old has asked me every day since we went (about a week ago) if we get to go back there again today. Staff was knowledgeable and professional! Thank you for making their first dental experience so positive!!!" ~ RR


"My son is a special needs child. We have been in two different dentist offices before finding Dr. Sherwood. No one has ever been as understanding or patient as the staff at this office and we don't have to wait forever. Every time, our appointments are on time! I am so glad we found them so we can put the bad experiences with others behind us. I used to worry before each appointment about how my son would act with each appointment but he is comfortable and at ease because everyone is so nice. This is the best pediatric dental office in Austin!" ~ MT


"We just love Dr. Sherwood's office. And I love that my son, who is very perceptive, especially about new things, loves to come to you guys. The first visit he cried but this last time he was excited. He actually even chose a stuffed animal to bring for a "teeth cleaning". Both Rachel and the doctor examined the stuffed bear without blinking an eye! Wonderful service!!!" ~ JW


"I have always had an excellent experience when I have been to your office. The doctor is wonderful but, really it is the staff, from the front desk to the technicians that really make the experience great for me and my children. I always recommend your office to friends and neighbors." ~ MT


"Dr. Sherwood and the staff are exceptional. My toddler protested a little at first, but after some imagination and kid friendly language, he allowed them to clean his teeth and perform the exam. The next day he said he wanted to "see Dr. Sherwood". My daughter has been going there since she was 2. She is now 8, and looks forward to dental visits. They love the toys in the lobby and their token rewards for their job well done." ~ OR


"Dr. Sherwood's office staff is helpful, especially when figuring out insurance. They are welcoming and friendly, and the hygienists are so patient with my kids. We love our experiences at Dr. Sherwood's office and will continue to come back!" ~ HH


"What a great dentist! Super friendly and deals well with both children and parents. The waiting area was clean and has plenty of gear to entertain any age child. The exam areas looked new and clean and had a great layout. The staff was all smiles and looked like they were enjoying what they were doing. Kind of cool for a dentist office!" ~ DT


"Dr. Sherwood has been our family's pediatric dentist for the past 11 years. Our three children love to come visit due to the friendly atmosphere and the child centered waiting room. I love the fact that I can usually schedule all three exams in one day. And I never have to wait to be greeted by friendly, smiling faces. My insurance/financial questions are always answered honestly and in a timely manner. The best part is when Dr. Sherwood greets us at the end of their exams with a handshake and news that there are no cavities. Of course, after 11 years...there have been cavities and procedures that are recommended and these are always clearly explained, out of pocket expenses are quoted ahead of time and while Dr. Sherwood makes recommendations, he does not pressure parents to get procedures done that are NOT presently putting the child's health at risk. In tough times this is appreciated...we all want to do everything we can for our children, but sometimes the economy doesn't allow for this. My one complaint would be the limited parking during certain times of the day, but they are good at reminding you to get there a little early to find parking." ~ AB


"Friendliest and most competent staff in the world!!! My son loves coming to the dentist! Dr. Sherwood is the best pediatric dentist in town!" ~ MC


"The kids LOVE to come to your office, the waiting room is great and the staff is excellent! AND never any waiting…in and out!" ~ KS


"My son loves to go to the dentist and on the way home he said he would like to come more often :)" ~ AK


"Sherwood Pediatric Dentistry is very professional, has a good reputation, and is very kid friendly." ~ AC


"Tender, loving care; our children think that going to the dentist is winning the lottery!" ~ SG


"My kids love going to the dentist! Who would have thought that was possible??" ~ KW


"Our children feel welcomed, respected, and loved; they will have a positive dentist attitude for their entire lives. Thank you!" ~ SG


"Super professional and at the same time super friendly/down to earth staff-great combo!" ~ WS


"We wanted to thank you for all your help with our son. It was difficult to know what steps we needed to take, but your willingness to be so readily available helped us tremendously. We know you went out of your way for him and we really appreciate it." ~ P


"If you have a child or children that are extremely nervous about going to the dentist, you are in luck! Dr. Sherwood and his staff made my sons feel comfortable and safe. I don't know about you, but if my boys feel good about their dentist visit then I feel good!" ~ JC


"Everyone at Dr. Sherwood's office is amazing. We had a very pleasant experience! My son even wrote a book about it at school! Thanks for making a place where my children feel so comfortable! You don't know how much I appreciate it. I highly recommend this office. We even drive from Georgetown because it is well worth it!" ~ SB